Xero Bookkeeping & Support For Your Business

certifiedxeropartnerAs you may or may not know, Xero is a ‘Cloud’ accounting software, perfect for small to medium businesses. What this means for you is that you can work directly with your bookkeeper, in real time.

You’ll see how easy bookkeeping can be for your business.

How do I know it will be right for me and my business?

Don’t for a minute think Tilda Virtual are the kind of company who set you up on a brand new system, chuck a manual at you, pat you on the butt and leave you to your own devices. You will discuss all your needs with us before we start, and you’ll be walked through the process, as slowly as you need. We get that everyone isn’t as ‘number wired’ as us.

Can you do something for me please?

I want you to do something for me. I want you to think about your current accounting system. I want you to take a photo of that shoe box, that folder, that crappy spreadsheet with your finance information. I want you to attach it to an email. I want you to send me an email with an email subject header, ‘Show me Xero money’. And then I want you to relax, that’s the hard first step – I’ll call you.

And we’re Xero bookkeepers that you won’t scare…

Believe it or not, but so many creative small businesses have the same bookkeeping mentality. ‘It’s ticking along, I’m sure it’ll be ok. When my shoe box is full, I can buy another pair of shoes and start a new box!’…Sorry to burst your bubble, but this won’t cut it in the long run. And we’ve seen it. Messy files and catch ups are our speciality. And another sad fact about Tilda Virtual – the team actually enjoy sorting through piles of receipts.

Decide to get organised and call us today before we’re booked out!