Straight Forward Xero Training By A Certified Xero Consultant With Over 18 Years’ Experience…

Tilda Training are the trusted virtual bookkeeping training specialists (Xero) that small businesses turn to. Whether you’re just starting out with Xero, need to train an employee, or need to refresh your skills, Tilda Training have a Xero workshop or webinar to suit you.

Tilda Training’s Xero workshops and webinars are designed to show you the ins and outs of the program, ensure you use it correctly and explain how this ‘cloud based’ accounting solution will make you make your workload more productive and profitable.

Tilda Training is perfect for you if:

  • Are a small business owner who has just switched to Xero and are a tad lost
  • Are a small business owner who is ready to use an accounting package as your shoe box and simple spreadsheet is no longer cutting it
  • Have used Xero for a while but want to update your skills
  • You have an employee you’d like to train to handle your bookkeeping
  • You feel it’s time you actually learn how to read and analyse your accounting reports
  • Are having issues with Xero that you just don’t know how to fix

Ready to learn the trade secrets?

Yes! Good, because I’m ready to teach you. Training is conducted either in a one on one session, or by a webinar. If you’re a local, face to face training can also be arranged. And if you do happen to attend our one of our webinars are not fully satisfied, then you’ll be invited to attend another webinar as our guest.

For complete details, please visit our dedicated Xero Training website…