Are your business processes becoming a nightmare?


Starting out in business is so exciting that most people will simply jump into doing what they love – their work. I know my clients would prefer to do their graphic designing, writing, natural therapy and creative work rather than worry about processes.

So you skip along, making up processes as they arise and building things such as a website and CRM as you grow your business.

But you’ll soon find that having too many business ‘systems’ will drive you mad!

Most small business will have business processes for all types of things – websites, CRM, job management (if you have a team), inventory systems, accounting systems…

So wouldn’t it make more sense to have all of these systems ‘talking’ to each other and running hand in hand rather than separately?

And that’s where you’ll benefit from Tilda Virtual’s ‘OCD’ organisational skills.

Without any fuss, Tilda Virtual will help you streamline your business and admin processes by:

  • Connecting your accounting system with your website, CRM, job management site, and inventory system so they all work with each other
  • Introduce you to Receipt Bank so you can work towards a paperless office
  • Show you Unleashed, an inventory system that’s so easy to use

With years’ of experience being an admin professional as well as a Bookkeeper, you can be guaranteed that Tilda Virtual will whip your business processes into shape.