Why being a bookkeeper no longer cuts it – You need to be a BAS Agent too

88310009_ColourWhen looking for a bookkeeper, consider this – anyone can calculate and lodge your GST and PAYG obligations and call themselves a bookkeeper – with no training needed…

Scary hey.

Sure, it saves on paying an Accountant huge fees, but at what cost – you risk your business.

Since 2010, only bookkeepers who are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a BAS Agent (and met strict criteria), can lodge your BAS returns.

So what does this mean for your business?

You can rest assured that Tilda Virtual are fully registered BAS Agents. We love those pink BAS forms – they’re our favourite colour too! What you’ll find is that your BAS is completed with a high level of accuracy (if human mistakes are made, panic mode sets in and it gets fixed), and on time. You can eliminate those late lodgment fees forever.

But I’m so behind on my BAS lodgments, I’m a lost cause…

Rubbish – you’re not a lost cause. Did you know that if you employ a BAS agent when you’re being chased by the ATO, they see that you’re serious about catching up and tend to give you a break. Although you won’t be off the hook completely, your BAS Agent can help you catch up and ease the financial pain of fees you face. All you have to do is give Tilda Virtual all of your receipts and bank statements, and let us liaise with the ATO for you. We can negotiate payment plans and overdue lodgments.