Here’s a quick rundown on the money-making, time-saving services that we offer

It’s so cliché, but Tilda Virtual truly are your one-stop shop for all things bookkeeping. Yes I know everyone claims that, but read on to see why we really are.

Bookkeeping is more than simply plugging some numbers into an accounting package, crossing your fingers, and hoping you’re all sweet with the tax office.

And if you’ve ever received a letter from your accountant saying you’re going to face penalties if you don’t lodge your BAS, you’ll know why your bookkeeping is super important.

Here’s a little warning: big businesses didn’t get where they are with receipts being stored in a shoe box…

Don’t get me wrong, keeping your financials in a box is fine for your first year of business. But after a while, it just won’t cut it. It makes perfect business sense to get your bookkeeping right from the start, or at least, as close to the start as possible.

But if you’re more of a creative mind, you’re not going to want to get involved in complicated bookkeeping matters right?

Not a problem at all. Here are the pain-staking bookkeeping jobs Tilda Virtual take off your hands:

  • Xero Bookkeeping and support
  • BAS Agent services
  • Software Implementation
  • Converting to Xero
  • Training and support

Before you go bald from pulling your hair out, send your bookkeeping to Tilda Virtual. It’s cheaper than a fancy new wig.