It’s the sort of thing that usually creeps up on me with no warning, the dreaded school holidays. We finally get into our groove and we are getting through the week really well only to have things change on me again. This year however is different. Not only are we in a different city and state, but I’m not sick (I’m getting over a virus instead)! In previous years I’d work so hard that come school holidays I’d get struck down with some virus and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the extra time with my kids. This year is different.

Now that we are relatively settled into our new home/school/job/home office I’ve decided to be a bit proactive in trying to survive the school holidays. Here are my strategies:

  • Keep bedtime routines the same – bit of a no brainer but you’ll thank me later.
  • Set up working playdates – this is where you set a day to visit with friends who also work from home for a playdate with a difference. Instead of sitting around drinking coffee and eating Tim Tams (which is still ok to do if you want to), bring your laptop and get some additional work done instead. For some reason, the more kids there are in a house the easier it is to look after them and I think it’s because they’re playing with other peeps different to their siblings. A change of scenery doesn’t hurt the creative juices either.
  • Take the time to retrain your kids at the beginning of the school holidays – this means explaining that when you are on the phone or working not to interrupt unless there is blood. My kids are 9, nearly 6 and 3 and out of the three the youngest can remember the rules the best. Particularly the whole no talking to mum while mum’s on the phone or skype phone rule.
  • Give them something to look forward to – This weekend we are going to see the Star Wars exhibit at Scienceworks and the kids (including the big hairy one) can’t wait. It gives me bribing power and something to dangle in front of them when they are being a bit naughty.

I’m sure there are loads more you can do to survive the school holidays so lets hear them. These are the strategies I’m using to survive these school holidays and so far so good. Tomorrow we’re off to visit Lucie and her kids and my kids were looking forward to it so much they went to bed without a peep. Got to love bribery!