Catching up on my blog reading I noticed that Melissa awarded me the “I’m fabulous” award.

All I can say is wow! Working as a Virtual Assistant and with clients a minimum of 2 – 11 hours away, to be recognised like this.. well it makes me all gushy. I tend to get stuck into the day to day running of my business, raising children, raising a code monkey and getting client work done that I haven’t been taking the time to slow down a little and look around at what I have created and the people I’ve met. But then again, that’s probably typical of most small business owners.

So in keeping with tradition I’d like to award the Totally Fabulous ‘I’m Fabulous’ Award to:

  • Fiona Dixon of Moment by Moment – Fiona gave birth to her daughter at 27 weeks and at a time when most women would concentrate on looking forward, to milestones being reached and general child rearing, Fee decided that through her own experiences, she would open a business/online web portal for families and friends of premature babies. Her passion and her heart make her business special and much needed. At such a turbulent and heartbreaking time, parents can be assured of emotional support from someone who has been there herself.
  • Kathie Thomas author of Worth More than rubies – I find Kathie inspirational. Starting her business with 5 daughters and going on to becoming a published author, speaker and Virtual Assistant extraordinare… well, need I say more?

Congratulations ladies and know that I love your work and wish you all the best!