It’s no secret that creative minds hate bookkeeping

Numbers are just that – numbers. Plain and simple. All you want to know is that money is coming into your business while you’re doing what you love.

And most of the time, you can’t be bothered seeing how to get MORE money flowing in as you’re ‘busy enough’.

Or perhaps you’re embarrassed that the tax office have you on speed dial…’Hi there, you’ve missed another BAS lodgment date’. Or even worse, debt collectors are banging on your door as another late notice has slipped into that black hole you call an inbox…

Am I right? If you’re nodding away, keep reading.

The time for excuses has passed…You need help with your bookkeeping.

If you’ve been holding off due to ‘outsourcing costs’, you’ve just ran out of excuses there too. At Tilda Virtual, we are not only your Xero bookkeeping experts, but your business boosting partner. You’ll discover how the boring, number crunching side of your business can make you more money than you’ve ever imagined.

Understanding your numbers could mean moving into a bigger studio or purchasing the latest printer to hit the market.

Are you interested?

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